If you look at articles and charts, such as “10 Worst Cities in America”, Cleveland is almost always featured. "Miserable” and “dreary” are often used to describe the city, and it is labeled one of the most dangerous cities as well. Before boarding my flight from Boston to Cleveland, I wondered if I would hate the city and if it was really as bad as people said. As soon we arrived in the city my question was answered. It's not. My grandmother and I decided to use Lyft too get from the airport to our hotel, something neither of us had done before. We were about thirty minutes late for our Lyft driver, and were almost certain that she would have left by then. Instead, when we arrived at our pickup spot, there she was, smiling and waving at us. She talked to us about the Cleveland Cavaliers, the reason we came to Cleveland, and dropped us off at our hotel. The next day we were ready to see the city. The first thing I noticed after stepping outside was how happy everyone was. It certainly did not feel dreary or depressing. We headed to the local coffee shop, “Pour Cleveland”. It was a beautiful spot with incredible pour over coffee, and everyone inside was happy. Again, not dreary or depressing. After coffee, we went for a walk through Playhouse Square. There were many families going to and from the theatre productions, and dressed up characters interacting with the children. It certainly did not feel dangerous. While walking, we passed some homeless folks who smiled at us and gave up a cheerful “Go Cavs!”. It was the feeling of a city that has nowhere to go but up, and a city that is becoming something special. That night was the Cavaliers game. In the hours leading up to the game the city truly sprang to life. There was a buzz in the air, children and adults alike filled the streets, hundreds of LeBron James jerseys were lit up by the dying sun. The game was incredible, thousands of fans wearing wine and gold colors filled the stadium with cheers. The game ended in miraculous fashion as Cleveland's hero LeBron James won the game with an impossible buzzer-beater. After the game the entire city filled the streets, celebrating together. It was the perfect weekend. I am sure Cleveland still has work to do, and that every little neighborhood is not as happy as downtown - but from what I experienced, Cleveland is a city that has nowhere to go but up. I would say that it even  has the potential to be one of the  "10 Greatest Cities in America."